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"National campaign for the control of dengue" For Brazilian Ministry of Health
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Dengue is a tropical fever triggered by a viral infection and transmitted by mosquitoes. Of the 100 million people affected by the illness every year, up to 20,000 die. Currently, no medication or vaccine exists, the only effective strategy being prevention.


To promote a handful of simple preventative measures, which, if adopted by everyone, would dramatically reduce infections. The public awareness campaign was sponsored by the federal government and interlinked with local initiatives. Strong branding with the help of an easily recognizable logo made it possible to reach a very broad audience. Penetration was helped by private sector partnerships, for example with phone companies and supermarkets reproducing the logo on bills, bags and proprietary advertising collateral.


Heightened public awareness of the dangers posed by dengue and readily available information on prevention resulted in an impressive reduction of dengue larvae by 92%.

Title"National campaign for the control of dengue"
Original Title"Programa nacional de controle da dengue"
AdvertiserBrazilian Ministry of Health
Sustainability Themes Health & Sanitation
Date of First Publication 01/01/2002
Country of ProductionBrazil
TaglineDon’t let dengue mess up your summer
Original TaglineNão deixe a dengue estragar o seu verão