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"Swedish Climate Campaign" For Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
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As is the case for most European countries, the Kyoto Protocol stipulates that Sweden reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to less than the level of 1990 by 2012. This is in line with the Swedish government’s overall goal to cut emissions by half until 2050


To make all parts of society aware of their personal responsibility in reducing emissions. After six months of audience research, an estimated five million “dozing activists” were identified as the target group. This group needed to be “activated” and won over for mitigation efforts by relating the issue of greenhouse gas emissions directly to their everyday lives. The campaign was careful to associate the scary scenarios of climate change with positive messages for proposed solutions.


Independent pre and post-campaign surveys found a significant increase in awareness and predisposition to act on climate change. 92% of the adult population now understands the meaning of the term “global warming,” and 85% of respondents felt they can personally do something to control climate change.

Title"Swedish Climate Campaign"
Original Title"Klimatkampanjen"
AdvertiserSwedish Environmental Protection Agency
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere
Date of First Publication 01/01/2002
Country of ProductionSweden
TaglineThe greenhouse effect affects you, how do you affect it?
Original TaglineVäxthuseffekten påverkar dig,hur påverkar du den?