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"I make life a living hell for Lucifer." For KPA
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Description / Synopsis

We show people who have already decided to make a stand for the good forces in the world. Lucifer not being one of them. The headlines say "I give Lucifer a beating every day" "I cheat the devil on a regular basis". etc


People don't know what ethical savings funds are and why they should save in them.


Show good examples of people who have made their minds up.

Title"I make life a living hell for Lucifer."
Original Title"Jag gör livet till ett helvete för Lucifer"
Brand NameInsurances
Product NameEthical saving funds
Sustainability Themes Ethical Business & CSR, Education & Awareness, Finance
Date of First Publication 01/11/1999
Country of ProductionSweden
TaglineEthical saving funds, a good investment
Original TaglineEtiska fonder, en god placering
Agency Producer: Johan Larsson
Art Director: Olle Mattson
Copywriter: Anders Tempelman
Photographer: Jonas Karlsson