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"Place Mats" For Friends of Social Paediatrics
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Description / Synopsis

On a restaurant table set for a feast, unusual place mats remind the diners, in a very graphic way, that while they enjoy these holidays, millions of children are starving.
The ad concludes with a simple action to call: You can help @


The NGO Open Arms supports children in need in Greece and collaborates with international NGOs for helping children in other countries. For Christmas, during the time to give for most people, Open Arms wanted to sensitize people about becoming caring and giving towards the millions of children all around the world starving .


We followed a very graphic -punch in stomach- approach by connecting the holiday table with the problem per se. Hence, we created an ad where the placemats are photos of children desperate for food. The juxtaposition of the warm candlelit table and the harsh reality of starving children in a form of a placemat called for a wake up call to everyone to get up and do something about it.

Title"Place Mats"
AgencyMcCann Erickson
AdvertiserFriends of Social Paediatrics
Brand NameFriends of Social Paediatrics
Product NameSupport for children in need
Date of First Publication 20/12/2006
Country of ProductionGreece
Account Director: Christos Dokos
Art Director: Minas Migdalis
Creative Director: Despina Ioannidou
Director of Photography: Nikos Lambrou
Others: Athena Micropoulou ,  Dimitris Doussis