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"The Cell Phones Made From Plants" For NEC
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Description / Synopsis

NEC is working on reducing CO2 by aiming to produce alternative oil resources.
For the first time, NEC completed its project of developing bio-plastic and used it for the body of the cell phone.
Traditionally, Japanese specialists have utilized natural materials to produce various goods. This traditional process was used as an idea of its innovative project.

Title"The Cell Phones Made From Plants"
AgencyMcCann Erickson Japan
Brand NameNEC
Product NameCorporate
Date of First Publication 15/03/2006
Country of ProductionJapan
TaglineEco with IT
Length60 seconds
Art Director: Yukio Okada ,  Akiko Makino
Copywriter: Toshiya Mizoguchi
Creative Director: Toshiya Mizoguchi