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"Your Travel Choice Makes a Difference" For The Rainforest Alliance
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With their backpacks, binoculars and hunger for new experiences, tourists wield tremendous economic importance around the world. In fact the growing tourism industry holds great potential, particularly for poor countries seeking to improve the lives of their citizens. But unless tourism is practiced responsibly and in harmony with the environment, it can lead to unchecked development, habitat destruction, waste and pollution.


Through its sustainable tourism best management practices technical assistance and training program, the Rainforest Alliance supports businesses in adopting responsible social, environmental and economic policies. This ad is intended to interest the tourist in becoming a responsible consumer by patronizing these businesses.


Travelers read the ad and are motivated to make a difference by choosing businesses that have implemented sustainable policies.

Title"Your Travel Choice Makes a Difference"
Original Title"Su elección de viaje marca la diferencia"
CitySan José
AdvertiserThe Rainforest Alliance
Sustainability Themes Tourism, Lands, Soils, Forests & Mountains, Poverty, Sustainable Development, Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 01/04/2005
Country of ProductionCosta Rica
LanguageBilingual English/Spanish
Account Director: Carlos  Chaverri
Creative Team: Jessica Valverde