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"Eco-tips for jeans" For United Nations Environment Programme
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Description / Synopsis

The TV spot "Eco-tips for jeans" demonstrates in an explanatory but fun and humorous way that we can all participate in the fight against climate change by adopting good practices during the use phase of our jeans. The United Nations Environment Programme decided to raise awareness among young people with a video clip of 30 seconds which features a couple dancing Tecktonic - a famous new dance in France - in urban and familiar surroundings. The use of split-screens, impactful messages and entertaining music ("Am I wrong" from Etienne de Crécy) aims to sensitize young persons in an appealing way. Clear, concise and appropriate advices are provided: wear your jeans at least 3 times, wash them in cold water, don't use the dryer or the iron. By following these practices people can consume up to 5 times less energy.


The Earth’s resources are far from unlimited. Through its social and environmental impacts, the fashion industry is among the most exploitative in the world. Toxic chemicals and petrochemicals are used widely in cotton agriculture and in many manufacturing stages such as pre-treatment, dyeing and printing. Waste volumes from the sector are high and growing with the advent of ‘fast fashion’. Water consumption – specially the extensive use of water in cotton crop cultivation – can also be a major environmental issue. Moreover the environmental impact of clothing and textiles products are in many cases dominated by the ‘use phase’. A garment has to be maintained, including cleaning, drying and pressing, but the owner can choose how to do this.


The number of wash cycles drives environmental impacts and the application of ‘smart technology’ that halves the number of washes in the life cycle of the product is beneficial. For the end-consumer, the effect of reducing the number of washes will be to reduce the need for electricity, water and detergent (the choice of the detergent itself is actually also important). Washing at a lower temperature reduces environmental impacts. Moreover, elimination of tumble drying (which uses around 60% of the use phase energy) and ironing, in combination with the lower wash temperature, leads to around 50% reduction in global climate change impact of the product.

Title"Eco-tips for jeans"
Original Title"Eco-tips for jeans"
AgencyFD Production
CityBoulogne BIllancourt
AdvertiserUnited Nations Environment Programme
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Energy
Date of First Publication 20/02/2008
Country of ProductionFrance
LanguageEnglish, Spanish, French
TaglineThe world is your home. Look after it.
Original TaglineThe world is your home. Look after it.
Length30 seconds
Soundtrack/SongAm I wrong (Etienne de Crécy)
Account Director: Emmanuel  Dassier
Creative Team: Solange  Montillaud-joyel ,  Caroline Klein ,  Sophie Loran ,  Christelle  Leroux
Photographer: Stéphane  Remael