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"The Recyclers - Legs" For Odyssey Communication
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Description / Synopsis

“The recyclers” is a corporate social responsibility program, developed by the advertising agency Odyssey, later to be adopted by its business partners as well. It aims at encouraging a more responsible behavior, by means of recycling paper.


For this campaign Odyssey used various ways to transmit the message, from prints that appeared in magazines to a viral video intended mainly for web.


Odyssey tries to tell people and other companies that recycling is a good solution for a cleaner environment. The team recycles paper here at the company, it has special bins and a person is responsible for the transport of the paper to recycling points. Odyssey also asked its clients and partners to join the campaign, giving them, as a gift, special recycle bins.


At the beginning it was rather unusual for the Odyssey team to throw newspapers and magazines in the special bins but, within weeks, they got the idea and now they believe fiercely in the advantages of recycling. Central newspapers welcomed the initiative and pointed Odyssey as role models when it comes to responsible behavior and healthy attitude towards the future we build for our children. The prints were published at their own choice, without any money offered. Odyssey hopes that more and more companies or even individuals are recycling right now, for a better tomorrow.

Title"The Recyclers - Legs"
Original Title"Reciclatorii - Picioare"
AgencyOdyssey Communication
AdvertiserOdyssey Communication
Sustainability Themes Education & Awareness, Consumption Patterns, Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 01/08/2007
Country of ProductionRomania
TaglineSoon, you'll feel it on your own. Recycle paper!
Original TaglineIn curand vei simti pe pielea ta. Recicleaza hartia!
Account Director: Irina Pencea
Account Executive: Adrian Bratu
Creative Team: Anca Baciu ,  Dan Panaitescu ,  Alexandru Aron ,  Valentin Suciu
Photographer: Cosmin Gogu