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"Ask Yourself" For dropping knowledge
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Can a single question make a change? Dropping knowledge believes that positive action begins with the act of questioning. To challenge conventional wisdom, questions and answers are shared and new questions arise. Therefore, dropping knowledge started the campaign “ask yourself” in September 2005 in order to collect questions from all over the world.


Dropping knowledge encourages social change. Using advanced web technology the initiative links and strengthens the voices of individuals, organizations and corporations. Through multimedia-based campaigns and events dropping knowledge functions as a social amplifier, offers uncensored knowledge and invites to take responsible action within an international network. Dropping knowledge’s web-platform invites the global public to ask and answer questions, exchange viewpoints and ideas and start initiatives.


Since September 2005, “ask yourself” has been empowering people all over the world to raise questions that matter most to them. Nearly 50.000 questions have been donated so far to Furthermore, on September 9, 2006, dropping knowledge brought together 112 social visionaries from 60 different countries to engage with 100 questions selected by the public around the first “Table of Free Voices” in Berlin. The 11.200 recorded answers and all the questions can be viewed on the dropping knowledge platform, a sophisticated database and research tool. All concerned users can submit their own answers to any question, post new questions and share their thoughts and reflections on any topic under discussion.

Title"Ask Yourself"
Original Title"Ask Yourself"
Advertiserdropping knowledge
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Education & Awareness
Date of First Publication 10/08/2005
Country of ProductionGermany
TypeWeb Film
Creative Team: Ralf Schmerberg ,  Alex Marashian ,  Andreas  Läufer ,  Johannes Koblenz ,  Tinna Hennefarth ,  Rupert  Smyth ,  Lena  Mahr ,  Rachel De joode ,  Valerie Stahl von stromberg ,  Deborah Rogers