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"Will only Words Remain? - Tiger" For International Fund for Animal Welfare
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Description / Synopsis

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) wants to increase its advertising reputation. We will not achieve this by showing bloody seals, bludgeoned to death. Then how? The annual rate of the extinction of animal species is just as high as the growth of new charities. Mankind is making serious efforts towards ending all animal life on earth. If we want to stop this extinction, we have to make a move. Because if we are not careful, only words will remain.


Words alone are not enough. This is why we show wild animals in their – what used to be – natural habitat. And we take that quite literally. Is that an elephant walking over there by that tree? Correct. But look carefully, the animal appears to be made up of letters. This not only applies to elephants, but also to seals and tigers. Just as the zebra crossing posted in the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam in the deep of the night. Or commercials shown on National Geographic and paving stones at Cannes Lions 2007. Overall support comes from print, banners, billboards, cinema commercials, merchandising and the Internet.


We achieved the campaigns basic principle to increase the overall spontaneous advertising reputation to 5% and to raise the influenced reputation to 45%. Outdoor was a global hit: from You Tube to the Cannes Lions Festival 2007 – nobody could neglect the extinction message. The campaign led to a Grand Prix for the Communication Sans Frontières (without boundaries). Besides this campaign is nominated for several awards: DDB Pinnacle Awards and Socially Responsible Communications Award, launched by the International Advertising Association (IAA). Ultimately, and most important, IFAW welcomed more donors in 2007 than previous years.

Title"Will only Words Remain? - Tiger"
AgencyRapp Collins
AdvertiserInternational Fund for Animal Welfare
Sustainability Themes Biodiversity, Education & Awareness
Date of First Publication 29/12/2006
Country of ProductionNetherlands
TaglineWill only words remain?
Account Director: Linda Sinac
Account Executive: Hester Troostwijk
Creative Team: Robin Pas