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"Every Step Makes a Difference" For Ministry for the Environment, New Zealand
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Description / Synopsis

Research indicates that 91 per cent of New Zealanders would like to know more about what they could do to protect the environment. The ‘Every step makes a difference’ information and awareness programme aims to use mass communication, social networking and one-on-one engagement to provide information and encourage sustainable behavioural change.


The programme is coordinated by the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment’s Household Sustainability team. The long term aims of the Household Sustainability programme are to assist households to decrease their impact on the environment by: influencing public opinion to gain a mandate for policy change; and by working at the voluntary end of the intervention spectrum in conjunction with other environmental policy and regulatory measures.


The ‘every step makes a difference’ programme is based on research that identified the target market, messages and media. Research indicates those most likely to take sustainable actions are tertiary-educated women with children. Research also showed that 82% of people receive their information on what they can do to help the environment from the mass media. The objectives of the programme were to: 1. Increase awareness and maintain momentum; 2. Provide a course of practical action; 3. Provide tools to support behaviour change ( ‘25 easy steps towards sustainability’ booklet, use of role models).


The programme to date has met and exceeded objectives with an increase of 174% traffic to the website; a high demand of ‘25 easy steps towards sustainability booklet’ (both in web downloads and hard copy requests); PR generated 850,00 opportunities to be read by potential audiences; and print readership 1.9 million (83.3% women aged 25-54 with children) for advertising.

Title"Every Step Makes a Difference"
AgencyOgilvy New Zealand Ltd
AdvertiserMinistry for the Environment, New Zealand
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Sustainable Development, Education & Awareness
Date of First Publication 03/01/2008
Country of ProductionNew Zealand
TaglineEvery step makes a difference.
Account Director: Jodi Willocks
Account Executive: Clare Steward-hunter
Creative Team: Scott Henderson ,  Mike Dorsey