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"Oceans Rising" For WWF
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Description / Synopsis

The idea behind the billboard is to quite literally use the sun to fight global warming. At first glance viewers see a sky blue board with a message that reads: “ocean levels are rising faster than ever.” What they also see however is an extension that casts a shadow in the shape of waves over the face of the board. As the sun travels over the billboard and down in the sky it causes the wave shadow to move upwards – giving the appearance that the sea level is actually rising.


"Rising sea levels are like the bulldozer of climate change," says Keith Stewart, Manager Climate Change, WWF-Canada. "It might be slow, but it’s also hard to stop once it gets going. It can literally reshape continents, wiping cities, forests and farmland off the map. That is why it is so important that we take action now, to prevent global warming from spinning out of control." WWF-Canada believes this latest addition to their “” campaign is an innovative way to get people thinking seriously about the issue because it actually uses nature to communicate their message. The featured URL “” ties in with the broader climate change campaign and offers a solution-based call to action.


The objectives were to heighten the campaign impact and create an emotional connection with Canadians by finding a medium that would allow us to demonstrate the issue rather than just communicate it.


Phenomenally successful. In addition to garnering significant buzz, the board supported year-over-year revenue growth of more than 8% (after four consecutive years of declining revenue).

Title"Oceans Rising"
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Seas & Oceans
Date of First Publication 12/03/2006
Country of ProductionCanada
TypeOutdoor / Out of Home
TaglineOcean levels are rising faster than ever.
Awards -New York Festivals (Finalist)
-Marketing Awards (Gold)
-Media Innovation Awards (Gold)
Account Director: Jennifer Nagle ,  Bill Baker
Account Executive: Fay Liris
Creative Team: Chris Taciuk ,  Joe Piccolo ,  Chris Joakim ,  Mike Donaghey