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"Ants" For Colas
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Description / Synopsis

The message is purely factual and focuses on the three dimensions of Colas sustainable development attitude: the solidity of the company, social commitments, environment friendly products.


Nothing specially new led to the creation of the campaign. Traditionally, Colas is socially involved, in every country where the company acts. Colas has been developing since several years products that reduce heat when installed, or purely vegetal. The company just realized that some competitors less deeply involved in sustainable development were communicating on their commitment whereas it was involved and didn’t say it.


Make people realize that Colas, one of the leaders, is committed to sustainable development as an overall attitude. Make people know their “eco-products”, considering that decision makers are more and more concerned by sustainable development when they buy goods for their companies.


87% of the readers declared they liked the ad. 89% declared the ad provided them with an interesting info on the sustainable development of Colas.

Original Title"Fourmis"
Product NameNanosoft, Végécol, Végéflux
Sustainability Themes Ethical Business & CSR, Sustainable Development, Human, Labour & Social Rights
Date of First Publication 20/11/2007
Country of ProductionFrance
TaglineTrees keep the air clean. Save trees.
Account Director: Iria Siboni-marques
Account Executive: Géraldine Leclercq
Creative Team: Mathieu Vaillant