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"Stop The Assault In Forest Park " For Forest Park Conservancy
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Description / Synopsis

A silent assailant is on the loose in Forest Park. That’s the message of the new ad campaign which was created by ad agency Borders Perrin Norrander and launched by Forest Park Conservancy (FPC) to raise public attention for the serious threats that Portland’s largest and most beloved park faces. Those threats include overuse, development and, as highlighted in the new campaign – a suite of invasive species which if unchecked, can quickly become deadly.


Timing for FPC’s new campaign comes amid a wave of recent concern that places the health and well being of Forest Park in the spotlight. In May 2010, Portland City Club unveiled its report highlighting the suite of serious issues facing the park. A new study indicating that trees in the park are not regenerating as quickly also is cause for concern. Nearly 44 percent of the 5,000-plus acre forested park is considered to be in fair to poor or severely degraded condition. With stretched city budgets, the ground crews and essential assets needed to care for such a large park are in jeopardy. FPC has stepped up to fill the gaps by providing on-the-ground support through private donations and volunteer efforts. “We’ve made great strides and improvements, but now we’re at a turning point. A major battle needs to be waged in order to combat the serious, aggressive and dangerous enemies that the park faces,” said Michelle Bussard, Executive Director.


“Many people who enjoy Forest Park are simply unaware of the threats it faces. They hike or run the trails, see the green and think everything’s fine,” says Bussard. “However, when they start learning just how damaging ivy, holly and many other invasive species are that have taken hold in many areas of the park, it becomes clear how large and significant the threat really is.” “Working together, we can counter these threats. We’re calling upon the public to join us to help protect the park’s clear running streams, ancient stands of trees and opportunities to connect with nature for generations to come.”


Portlanders are rightly concerned about the future of Forest Park. In June 2010, Commissioner Fish announced important and immediate steps to address how the park is managed now and in the future. He has pledged to: * Finalize a Partnership Agreement with the Forest Park Conservancy. * Deliver the final Forest Park Desired Future Conditions report. * Hire and assign a full-time Park Ranger to Forest Park. * Complete the Forest Park Recreation Survey. * Recruit a City Club Forest Park Research Committee member to participate on the 2011-12 PP&R Budget Advisory Committee. The Commissioner has instructed the Parks Bureau to complete these steps by September 2010.

Title"Stop The Assault In Forest Park "
AgencyBorders Perrin Norrander
AdvertiserForest Park Conservancy
Sustainability Themes Biodiversity, Climate Change & Atmosphere, Education & Awareness, Lands, Soils, Forests & Mountains
Date of First Publication 05/03/2010
Country of ProductionUnited States of America
TypeOutdoor / Out of Home
Account Director: Bill  Mattis
Account Executive: Stephen  grieco
Art Director: Kent  Suter
Copywriter: Rob  Rosenthal
Creative Director: Terry  Schneider
Photographer: Gary  Nolton
Production Designer: Aaron Mahony