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"Unacceptable" For Angry Sue
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The idea for Get Turned Off. For Good. was shaped by the sad realization that everyday in many countries, otherwise-responsible drivers (for the most part) are casually and without concern spewing poison into the air and onto the planet we all share. These drivers don’t seem to know they are having a negative impact on the environment, consequently they do not see their behaviour as unacceptable.


The creative solution sprang from the desire to link idling to another socially unacceptable behaviour, one which would stop viewers in their tracks – public urination. Therefore we portrayed ordinary people going about their day in ordinary situations. What they are doing however is anything but ordinary. They are blissfully unaware that urinating in public is not acceptable. By showing various individuals peeing in the same situations where people leave their vehicles running, the idea comes full circle.


Many people who have viewed the commercial have commented that they have changed their behavior. No formal surveys have been conducted.

AgencyJoe Media Group
AdvertiserAngry Sue
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Education & Awareness, Sustainable Development
Date of First Publication 02/07/1905
Country of ProductionCanada
TypeWeb Film
TaglineGet Turned Off. For Good.
Length32 seconds
Soundtrack/SongSans Soucis
Awards -Telly Awards, 2010 (Winner) for People's Telly Silver
Copywriter: Christopher Heatherington
Director: Philip Kates
Director of Photography: Craig Wrobleski
Producer: Matt  Gillespie ,  Sue Hutch