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"Matches - Baboon" For Volunteer Wildfire Services
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Description / Synopsis

The campaign depicts a baboon made out of matches. The message is that once wildfires start, both flora and fauna are at risk. Animals can not only die in a fire but they lose their habitat as well. The subtle use of matches instead of animal fur suggests that the animal can ignite in an instant if near a flame. The scattered matches on the ground imply carelessness or negligence.


During summer months, wildfires are exceptionally prevalent in South Africa. Bushes are dry and the strong winds make fires very difficult to contain. Once started, a fire can be devastating to the natural vegetation as well as the animals inhabiting the area. The Volunteer Wildfire Service (VWS) is a volunteer body that works together with emergency services to help combat wildfires. They also conduct on-going fire-prevention awareness activities.


Whilst people care about their natural environment, they are likely to have greater emotional investment in living creatures than simply forests and trees. These ads tap into this sentiment suggesting that there is much more at stake if one is careless about fires.


There is no consumer data available, however, the campaign has received a great deal of support from the media, resulting in over R540,000 of free coverage to date.

Title"Matches - Baboon"
AgencySaatchi & Saatchi
CityCape Town
AdvertiserVolunteer Wildfire Services
Sustainability Themes Biodiversity, Disaster Reduction, Education & Awareness, Lands, Soils, Forests & Mountains
Date of First Publication 05/02/2011
Country of ProductionSouth Africa
TaglineWildfires burn more than trees.
Account Director: Kay Orlandi
Account Executive: Wouter Burger
Art Director: Gareth Cohen
Copywriter: Alex Goldberg
Creative Director: Gavin Whitfield ,  Sammy-jane Thom