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"Tuna Boat" For Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
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Description / Synopsis

Pandas have been representing the extinction of wildlife for many years now. As a consequence, many people are aware of the fact that pandas are an endangered species, yet remain unaware of the fact that bluefin tunas are close to being in the same situation. By replacing tunas with pandas, the campaign expresses the urgency of tunas’ plight.


The campaign aims to raise support for Operation Blue Rage, an initiative which protects bluefin tunas from overfishing in Mediterranean waters.

Title"Tuna Boat"
AdvertiserSea Shepherd Conservation Society
Brand NameSea Shepherd Conservation Society's Operation Blue Rage
Sustainability Themes Agriculture & Fisheries, Biodiversity, Consumption Patterns
Date of First Publication 15/01/2011
Country of ProductionSingapore
TaglineWhen you see tuna, think panda.
Art Director: Stuart Mills ,  Anthony  Tham
Copywriter: Jagdish Ramakrishnan
Creative Director: Eugene Cheong