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"Desperate Houseplants - Right position" For The Savewater!® Alliance
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Gardens are places of refuge for Australians – they are a place for people to unwind and escape. In today’s environment, gardens need to be smart, coping with 10 year droughts, floods and extreme climates. After a long drought, water restrictions in many parts of Australia were lifted, meaning residents got back into gardening.


The Savewater!® Alliance partnered with the Nursery & Garden Industry of Victoria to produce a series of TV advertisements, in order to encourage the Australian population to use water wisely when gardening.

Title"Desperate Houseplants - Right position"
AgencyMWC Media
AdvertiserThe Savewater!® Alliance
Brand NameSavewater!®
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Desertification & Drought, Education & Awareness, Freshwater, Lands, Soils, Forests & Mountains, Sustainable Development
Date of First Publication 11/01/2010
Country of ProductionAustralia
TaglinePut the right plant in the right position!