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"De Lijn - It's smarter to take the bus. Travel in Groups. Ants" For VVM (Viaamse Vervoermaatschappij
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Description / Synopsis

‘De Lijn’ shows the advantages of travelling in groups. Flemish public transport company De Lijn launched a new campaign to emphasize its mission: to be the smartest way to travel throughout Flanders. The campaign builds on the universal insight that travelling in groups has its advantages. In the TV commercials we show ants to illustrate that, inviting people to follow their good example.


De Lijn made a campaign to improve its image with users and non-users of De Lijn.


Using De Lijn is a smarter and more social way of transportation.


Specific research showed : among the viewers it had one of the highest likeability scores ever, an extremely high forced and unforced recognition and above all people who saw the ad had a better perception of De Lijn on those dimensions that are critical to undertaking the action ‘taking bus and tram’.

Title"De Lijn - It's smarter to take the bus. Travel in Groups. Ants"
Original Title"De Lijn - Je in groep verplaatsen heeft zo zign voordelen. Mieren"
AgencyDuval Guillaume
AdvertiserVVM (Viaamse Vervoermaatschappij
Brand NameDe Lijn
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Transport, Education & Awareness
Date of First Publication 16/05/2011
Country of ProductionBelgium
TaglineDe Lijn - It's smarter to take the bus. Travel in groups.
Original TaglineDe Lijn - Je in groep verplaatsen heeftzo zijn voordelen.
Length30 seconds
Awards -Creative Club of Belgium Awards, 2012 (Gold) for Animation
Account Director: Greet Wachters
Account Executive: Jan  De wulf
Creative Team: Niels Sienaert ,  Tim  Schoenmaeckers ,  Katrien  bottez ,  Peter  Ampe
Special Effects / VFX: 3d - productie : creative conspiracy