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"Shan Shui" For CEPF (China Environmental Protection Foundation)
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Description / Synopsis

Beautiful Chinese landscape paintings if you look from afar, but look closely and they are neither mountains nor streams, but high rises, industrial buildings and modern transportation. The China Environmental Protection Foundation wanted to alert people with these beautiful but impactful images, that if we don't take actions to reduce pollution, there will be a day when none of these beautiful landscapes will still exist.


A collaboration with young Shanghainese artist, Mr. YANG Yong Liang.


To create awareness


Ordinary citizens started to pay attention to their daily living environment. The campaign also raised questions about all the constructions that have improved their lives. Are they doing damage to the environment? How do we keep it clean for future generations?

Title"Shan Shui"
Original Title"山水"
AgencyJWT Shanghai
AdvertiserCEPF (China Environmental Protection Foundation)
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Education & Awareness, Sustainable Development
Date of First Publication 01/01/2008
Country of ProductionChina
Original Tagline还我山水
Length45 seconds
Awards -Art Directors Club Awards, 2010 (Merit) for Broadcast craft/Digital Technique
-Art Directors Club Awards, 2010 (Silver) for Television & Cinema Design
-Long Xi , 2009 (Bronze) for TV
-China 4A, 2009 (Gold) for TV Craft-Best Animation
-China 4A, 2009 (Gold) for TV
-16th China Advertising Festival-Chinese Elements, 2009 (Gold) for TV
-The Work, 2009 (In-Book) for Public Service Television
-The Work , 2009 (In-Book) for Craft in TV
-Spikes Asia, 2009 (Bronze) for TV
-Spikes Asia, 2009 (Gold) for TV Craft
-New York Festival , 2009 (Finalist) for Environmental Issues
-Award 2009, 2009 (Finalist) for Craft in Television-Animation
-Asia Pacific ADFEST, 2009 (Finalist) for Lotus Roots-Film Craft
-Asia Pacific ADFEST, 2009 (Gold) for Film Craft-Animation
-Asia Pacific ADFEST, 2009 (Silver) for Film
-Ad Stars, 2009 (Bronze) for TV
Account Executive: Betty Tsai
Art Director: Lillie  Zhong ,  Yang yong Liang
Copywriter: Jacqueline  Ye ,  Rafael  Freire
Creative Director: Yang Yeo
Designer: Sean Tang
Illustrator: Yang yong Liang
Photographer: Yang yong Liang
Print Producer: Liza Law ,  Joseph Yu ,  Shen Tao