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"Water Maniac Walter" For European Commission's Directorate General for the Environment
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Description / Synopsis

Generation Awake is a European movement that promotes smart consumption choices among young urban adults. It aims to increase awareness and help change consumer behaviour to support a wiser use of natural resources. The focus theme in 2012 is water. This viral clip addresses the theme of excessive water use.


Generation Awake is a European awareness campaign on resource efficiency by the European Commission’s DG Environment. The Directorate wants to increase awareness of EU citizens about their daily water consumption.


The campaign wants to raise awareness and drive behaviour change. Our main target group is young urban adults. We know that they are digital natives, spend a lot of time on social media where they consume a lot of video content, which they comment on and share with their friends. The overall approach is to generate interest and participation through communications that are fun, smart, positive, hopeful and light hearted. We always base communications on the ‘selfish’ aspiration of young people to lead a good life, and be in control of their life. This video plays on humour to attract people’s attention and drive traffic to the campaign online. A slightly neurotic bucket introduces the theme of excessive water consumption. His name is Water Maniac Walter, and he lives in the same house as Routine Robbie, Chubby Charlie, and Impulse Inga (featured in another Generation Awake video) and he owns the bathroom.


Since the launch in May the clip has been viewed over 1,000,000 times (mix of owned, earned and paid media).

Title"Water Maniac Walter"
AdvertiserEuropean Commission's Directorate General for the Environment
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Waste & Recycling, Freshwater
Date of First Publication 01/05/2012
Country of ProductionBelgium
Language23 EU official languages
TypeWeb Film
TaglineYour choices make a world of difference
Length56 seconds
Account Director: Laure Van hauwaert
Account Executive: Ophelie  Middagh ,  Tomas Sweertvaegher
Art Director: Philip Schiebold
Creative Director: Catherine Quadens