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"Choose and get involved - Local producers" For Association Max Havelaar France
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Description / Synopsis

Inviting people to change the world with a simple and fundamental action: "It is just to be fair". How? By highlighting the fundamental values of fair trade: justice, democracy, solidarity, responsibility, respect. By drawing attention to the link between consumption and the impact it can have on producing countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia: reinforcing democracy within organizations; strengthening the producer’s role in their territorial development; ensuring a stable income for small farmers and farm workers; improving the producers’ living conditions; making easier access to education; raising awareness of environmental issues; strengthening the producers’ capacities; strengthening the economic and political power of organized producers; improving the management of resources and infrastructure; strengthening the position and the role of women; improving production techniques; facilitating access to health care.


In a world of doubts about our economic, social and environmental future, everyone’s role becomes essential. It is a priority to put a real meaning behind our consumption to respond to these crises. The French endorse the fair trade approach: 98% of them have heard about it and 91% are in favor of it. The majority of French people feel concerned about responsible consumption and would like it to be in line with their beliefs: less waste, less superfluity, more ethics and more value sharing. The global fair trade market is growing and represents 55 billion Euros. The number of producer organizations involved in Fairtrade increases year after year (905 organizations versus 505 in 2005), with 1.5 million producers worldwide and the number of producers who want to sell their production under the fair trade terms continuously increasing. And yet, some obstacles remain in order for consumer engagement to deepen. The positive perception of fair trade does not necessarily translate into purchases. Only 1 in 3 French households regularly buys fair trade products, and on average spends only 15.5€ per year. Among the products that people consume the most in the world, fair trade products such as coffee and cocoa represent less than 2% of global volume. The campaign took place in the context of presidential elections in France. A great opportunity to question people about their influence through their consumption choices, as choosing one product over another is a powerful way to send a strong message: to brands who market these products : "We want more ethics, transparency, responsibility for the products that you offer"; to retailers who distribute the products : "We want ethical products on your shelves, we want to have the possibility to choose"; to politicians and governments : "We want exemplary practices, information, policies for social, economic and environmental producer’s development."


In this context, the Max Havelaar France Association wanted to draw attention to the urgency of examining the production conditions of consumer goods and food and highlight the importance of engagement and choices in everyday life. Thanks to the "Choose and get involved, it is just to be fair” campaign, the association wants to mobilize consumers to profoundly change their habits.


Nationwide, the campaign has relied on different media channels to be widely visible throughout the year 2012 with two important events: the Fair Trade Fortnight in May and the International Solidarity Week in November. Available in print ads, on the web, in social networks, display, television and cinema, the success of this campaign has been possible thanks to the involvement of many people and organizations: French local authorities (more than 110) supported the association by displaying over 3000 posters and many media offered advertising space for free or at preferential rates. The campaign is still running and will continue in 2013 to reinforce the message by encouraging people to sustainably change their habits and become real ambassadors of an approach which influences companies and governments' practices for a fairer trade where people can finally get their place back : at the core !

Title"Choose and get involved - Local producers"
Original Title"Choisir c'est s'engager"
AdvertiserAssociation Max Havelaar France
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Ethical Business & CSR, Fair Trade, Human, Labour & Social Rights, Production Patterns
Date of First Publication 05/01/2012
Country of ProductionFrance
TaglineIt is just to be fair
Original TaglineSoyons juste équitables