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"Battery-Man “Rapportez vos piles usagées”" For INOBAT, Bern
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Description / Synopsis

The aim of this campaign is to remind people to bring back their used batteries so that they can be recycled in a respectful way for the environment and so that the raw materials composing the batteries can be used once more.


In Switzerland, batteries makers that commercialized batteries on the Swiss soil for the first time must pay a tax on anticipated elimination. Citizens are expected to bring back their used batteries to the collect point or where they bought them. The vendors must gather them for free. Mandated by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, INOBAT, ensures the gathering of the batteries and the use of the anticipated elimination tax.


The main objective is to raise the "bring back" rate from 70% to 80% as set by the Switz Federal Office for the Environment.


This can only be measured on the long term.

Title"Battery-Man “Rapportez vos piles usagées”"
Original Title"Battery-Man “Bring back your empty batteries“"
AgencyPolyconsult, AG
AdvertiserINOBAT, Bern
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Energy, Sustainable Development, Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 01/05/2012
Country of ProductionSwitzerland
TaglineBattery-Man fights for every battery to be recycled in a ecological way and not to be thrown in the normal waste
Original TaglineBattery-Man lutte contre les 30 millions de batteries qui finissent dans la poubelle chaque année au lieu d’être rapportées dans les points de collecte.
Length30 seconds
Soundtrack/SongBattery Man
Account Director: Reiner Roduner jens ,  Jyri  Pasanen
Account Executive: Mike Brodbeck ,  Jeanine Kaiser ,  Gabriela Hodel ,  Silvio Truffer ,  Roger Ghezzi