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"BRIGHTEN UP! We have the power: efficient, renewable, affordable" For UNEP
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Description / Synopsis

Sustainable Energy for All by 2030: An enormous challenge yet a tremendous opportunity. Many good initiatives have been taken. We need to scale them up. Discover how a switch to efficient on-grid and off-grid lighting globally would save more than USD 140 billion annually and 580 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. We have the power to make it happen! We Have The Power: Efficient, Renewable Affordable.


Access to clean, reliable energy powers economies, lights up homes, hospitals and schools, and improves lives and livelihoods. Yet around the world one billion people lack access to electricity, and three billion rely on firewood animal dung and crop waste for energy to cook their meals, boil their water and heat their homes, exposing them to health hazards and contributing to dangerous climate change. Recognizing this, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling on Governments, business and civil society to help achieve Sustainable Energy for All by 2030.


"We Have The Power" shows how we can make a difference, enlightening lives, enriching economies and promoting environmental well-being. Many goods initiatives are under way. We need to scale them up.

Title"BRIGHTEN UP! We have the power: efficient, renewable, affordable"
Original Title"We have the power: efficient, renewable, affordable UNEP contribution to the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative"
CityNew York, Paris, Tokyp
Product NameBrighten up!
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Education & Awareness, Energy, Health & Sanitation, Poverty, Sustainable Development
Date of First Publication 11/01/2013
Country of ProductionChile
TypeWeb Film
Original TaglineWe have the power
Length122 seconds
Creative Team: Thibault  Dufour ,  Moises  Saman ,  Sophie  Loran ,  Martina Otto
Photographer: Moises  Saman