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"Water " For Colgate - Palmolive
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Description / Synopsis

Colgate, a leading brand associated with teeth brushing, reminds us that water, an essential resource which is becoming increasingly scarce, is often wasted in large quantities – when we least imagine. So, while performing an activity as frequent as brushing our teeth with the tap running, we might be throwing away an amount of potable water that many other people do not have at their disposal, not even over a one-month period.


In Peru and all over the world, water, a basic and indispensable resource to lead a healthy life, is extremely scarce. About 8 million Peruvians don’t have access to drinking water to consume or wash themselves every day.


Within this context, Colgate, a leading brand associated with oral health, takes on a task greater than just reminding us to brush our teeth well. Colgate lets us know that, by turning off the tap while brushing our teeth, we are contributing to saving the water millions of Peruvians need to achieve a decent quality of life.


This campaign created for Perú has been adopted by many other countries such as Colombia, USA, Mexico.

Title"Water "
Original Title"Agua"
AgencyY&R Perú
AdvertiserColgate - Palmolive
Brand NameColgate
Product NameColgate Water awareness
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Freshwater
Date of First Publication 21/03/2014
Country of ProductionPeru
LanguageSpanish (primary) and English (secondary)
TaglineClose the tap
Original TaglineCierra el caño.
Length67 seconds
Account Director: Carla  Wilson
Account Executive: Pamela  Bedoya ,  Karla  Whittwell
Art Director: Erick  Galván
Copywriter: José  Rivera
Executive Creative Director: Flavio  Pantigoso
Head of Production: Christian  Sánchez
Producer: Malena  Mellado ,  Leicy  márquez