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"Green Passport" For UNEP
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Description / Synopsis

When planning a trip based on the Green Passport’s hints and information, local and international tourists will reduce the environmental impact of their activities and practice conscious consumption. By joining the Green Passport campaign, hotels, bars and restaurants show their commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability. With simple measures, great benefits can be achieved by the participants, including: (a) effective reduction at the operational costs; (b) incentive to a better image of the establishment by the public; (c) use of a new promotional channel through the Green Passport website and app; (d) possibility of using the campaign promotional materials (stickers, posters, displays); (e) increased motivation and engagement by the employees to environmental causes; and (f) contribution to the tourist business locally and globally.


Launched during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, the Green Passport campaign is part of the sustainability action of the Brazilian government for the event.


To foster consumer participation, UNEP uses online engagement by social media and dissemination of information. Website, mobile app, and social media, especially Facebook, are essential to motivate a change of attitude and a new behavior by the consumer. To encourage the participation of hotels, guesthouses, bars, restaurants and other business, the campaign promotes the Sustainability Journeys, a workshop addressing good sustainable practices was held in five of the host cities, and Green Passport pledge, an online tool for engagement.

Title"Green Passport"
Original Title"Passaporte Verde";
AgencyFoote Cone & Belding Chicago
Product NameGreen Passport Consumers Video
Sustainability Themes Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Production Patterns, Sustainable Development, Tourism
Date of First Publication 06/03/2013
Country of ProductionBrazil
LanguagePortuguese / English / Spanish
TypeWeb Film