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"WWF: Sustainable Packaging " For WWF
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Description / Synopsis

A perfect packaging doesn’t involve destruction.


I dug in areas that bothered me. It was the “garbage islands / rivers” floating in the ocean made out of plastic. This plastic is mostly packaging. Packaging created for differentiation of product, made for usually one product: bananas for example. The nature already created the “perfect packaging” for us. When the nature’s packaging goes bad, it means the product is dying. Whatever is packaged, it is made with addition of preservatives, which we know destroy our health - giving us cancer. When we make packaging we also have to destroy the planet, and our health in the process of manufacturing, and after the packaging discarded. The absurdity of this situation was a vehicle that created this campaign.


Sick of the excess waste that came with all the products he purchased, Timofey Yuriev created a green advertising campaign promoting the best sustainable packaging nature has to offer. The message is clear: “We don’t have to destroy the planet to have orange juice, cabbage salad, or a banana jam. The perfect packaging doesn’t pollute, kill or poison. Nature already created what we need. Just look around and you’ll understand.”


This campaign in simple and direct way promotes packaging created by nature. WWF was able to raise awareness of discarded packaging around the world in order to help all of us to live a better life.

Title"WWF: Sustainable Packaging "
AgencyT-Y-V Media
CityTonronto, Vancouver
Brand NameWWF
Product NamePackaging by Nature
Sustainability Themes Biodiversity, Climate Change & Atmosphere, Consumption Patterns, Disaster Reduction, Education & Awareness, Food, Health & Sanitation, Lands, Soils, Forests & Mountains, Production Patterns, Seas & Oceans, Sustainable Development, Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 01/01/2011
Country of ProductionCanada
TaglineA perfect packaging doesn’t involve destruction.
Awards -WWF Platinum Award for Best Sustainability Ad Campaign, 2013
-AdAge Golden Globe Award, 2012
-GreenThing, 2011 (Honourable Mentioning)
-Inhabitat, 2011 (Honourable Mentioning)
Account Director: Timofey Yuriev
Account Executive: Timofey Yuriev
Creative Team: Timofey Yuriev
Photographer: Timofey Yuriev