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"BYOB" For Do The Green Thing
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Description / Synopsis

On a hot summer’s day when hydration was the name of the game, Pentagram designer Rebecca Penmore noticed that our bottles of tap water are much more than liquid containers – they are an extension of our personality. “The aim of my poster is to encourage people to carry their own bottle of tap water and avoid countlessly re-buying mineral water. I have used the well known acronym BYOB as a simple and straightforward way to communicate this message,” says Rebecca. “Bringing your own bottle is not only an easy way to reduce your global footprint, but it can be a great form of self expression!”


Our never-ending thirst for Evian has left billions of plastic bottles bobbing around in the ocean or gathered in vast flotillas such asThe Pacific Trash Vortex. We’ve even created a new microbial ecosystem that scientists have dubbed the ‘plastisphere’. It’s simply got to stop.


Do The Green Thing aims to inspire as many people as possible to live in a less selfish, less consumptive, more imaginative and more sustainable way. Our product is a feed of beautiful, subversive and delightful inspiration made by great creative talent from around the world.


In the seven years since we launched Do The Green Thing, our posters, films, podcasts and products have reached over 21m people in 209 countries/territories around the world. Research conducted by Hall & Partners tells us that we’ve inspired our subscribers to save 2.5 times more CO2 than they otherwise would have.

AgencyRebecca Penmore
AdvertiserDo The Green Thing
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Freshwater, Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 21/05/2013
Country of ProductionUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
TaglineBring your own bottle
Account Director: Do the green thing 
Account Executive: Do the green thing 
Creative Team: Rebecca Penmore