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"Let the stars" For Do The Green Thing
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Description / Synopsis

The shining star of our 29 Posters for the Planet campaign is Rebecca Charlton, the winner of WWF and Do The Green Thing’s Young Creatives competition. With her intricate and dazzling illustration, she reminds every person in every building in every city that stars not bulbs are the best sources of light in the night. Rebecca said: “We need to put the lights back in the sky at night. Nothing spoils the beauty of a starry sky more than the luminous glow of street lights and uselessly lit buildings. My poster shows a city’s lights being transformed into their rightful state in the sky, with the trail taking the shape of an hourglass to signify that we need to switch lights off now.”


It’s always a good thing to turn your light off at night, but tonight it’s a great thing. Earth Hour is the world’s biggest call to action on climate change. It’s a moment to reflect, an opportunity to put up your hand to be counted and tell everyone you care about the future of your planet. Most of all, it’s a call to governments, organisations and individuals to act on the rise in global temperatures we are experiencing, not just during Earth Hour, but for every hour after it. So flick your switch at 8.30pm tonight.


Do The Green Thing aims to inspire as many people as possible to live in a less selfish, less consumptive, more imaginative and more sustainable way. Our product is a feed of beautiful, subversive and delightful inspiration made by great creative talent from around the world.


In the seven years since we launched Do The Green Thing, our posters, films, podcasts and products have reached over 21m people in 209 countries/territories around the world. Research conducted by Hall & Partners tells us that we’ve inspired our subscribers to save 2.5 times more CO2 than they otherwise would have.

Title"Let the stars"
AgencyRebecca Charlton
AdvertiserDo The Green Thing
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Energy
Date of First Publication 21/05/2013
Country of ProductionUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
TaglineLet the stars light the night
Account Director: Do the green thing 
Account Executive: Do the green thing 
Creative Team: Rebecca Charlton