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"Driven to Drive Less " For City of Boulder, Colorado
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Description / Synopsis

Every day 50,000 commuters travel to Boulder, Colorado for work. In one year, that means each commuter produces more CO2 than a round trip flight from Los Angeles to London. Something had to be done. Joining forces with the City of Boulder, we made a game out of people giving up their car at least one day a week. A game that everyone who played won. Assigning participants a carless day based on their car’s color (if it worked with their schedule), program participants gave their cars a day off and commuted by alternate modes of transportation—be they bus, bike, foot, carpool, freight-hopping, rickshaw or pogo stick. We recruited local companies to provide incentives that made that day of the week more enjoyable. To get the word out we created a presence across multiple media, including a website with carless resources galore, an online community, member social events, print and non-traditional work, and recruiting like-minded sponsors to give incentives to carless participants. One day a week. That’s 14.3% less congestion, parking tickets and road rage. And 14.3% more good karma.


The City of Boulder recognized traffic congestion as a serious issue. The city wanted to implement a program to convince people to leave their cars at home for an entire year. So we dug into the situation and found that other cities had tried similar efforts. We interviewed managers of those programs and found that participation was dismal. In fact, most of the people who participated had already given up their cars and were in the programs to reap the incentives. Not really what our client wanted to do.


We uncovered a grassroots effort in the Bay Area that grew organically and was enjoying great success. There, people started meeting up and carpooling as a way to be social and help the environment. It became less about sacrifice and more about fun. That sparked the idea to turn Boulder’s program into a game and more of a social experience – offering up a positive and unique experience for those who chose to join in.

Title"Driven to Drive Less "
AgencySukle Advertising
AdvertiserCity of Boulder, Colorado
Brand NameDriven to Drive Less
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Consumption Patterns, Education & Awareness, Transport
Date of First Publication 08/02/2010
Country of ProductionUnited States of America
TaglineOut environmental your vegan friends.
Awards -Graphis Advertising Annual for The Denver 50
Account Supervisor: Dan Schultz
Art Director: Jeff Euteneuer
Copywriter: Zac Spector
Creative Director: Mike Sukle
Designer: Caryn Brekken