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"Not all sounds are noisy" For Act on Facts
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- There are many myths about wind energy – myths about noise, health, wild life, property value, subsidy levels and house hold costs - The myths are starting to influence on the public and political support to wind energy and other renewables – impacting locally projects going through permitting process and nationally the overall incentive framework - To ensure that decisions made are based on facts – not myths – we need to get substance back into the debate. We need to act on facts.


- Attract wind supporters through a social media campaign, reaching out to the public with strong messaging on wind energy and climate change - Provide an overview of ongoing efforts by the industry and NGOs to channel and mobilize supporters


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Title"Not all sounds are noisy"
Original Title"Not all sounds are noisy"
AgencyHjaltelin Stahl
CityCopenhagen, Denmark
AdvertiserAct on Facts
Brand NameVestas (Vestas Wind Systems A/S – non branded campaign)
Product NameWind Turbine Generators (WTGs)
Sustainability Themes Climate Change & Atmosphere, Education & Awareness, Energy, Sustainable Development
Date of First Publication 18/06/2013
Country of ProductionDenmark
TypeWeb Film
TaglineDon´t let myth dictate our future
Original TaglineDon´t let myth dictate our future
Length101 seconds
Awards -The Internationalists, 2013 (Gold Medal) for The Internationalists Award for Innovative Digital Solutions