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"ENVision" For Singapore Environment Council
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Description / Synopsis

ENVision is a programme by SEC that aims to engage participants ranging from NGOs, schools, youths, private and public sectors, to the community, to provide their feedback and vision for the future of Singapore’s environment. Stakeholder consultations were held from February to April 2014. The inputs gathered from participants were put together into a Visioning Statement ( Since then, SEC has been spreading awareness about Singapore’s environmental challenges by leveraging on several platforms (social media, print and online) using the key values of Care, Ownership and Responsibility identified during the dialogue sessions to guide its approach. A series of videos and ads were launched across multiple media channels in October and November 2014, to spread awareness to the masses about the current environmental challenges Singapore faces. The themes focused on food waste, waste management, air quality and water conservation. At the end of the day, this is about getting people to care for the environment and take greater ownership and responsibility for our future.


ENVision started as a ground-up movement to forge a common vision for the future environment that we want Singapore to have over the longer term. The vision must reflect a set of shared values that Singaporeans support, which in turn can shape societal norms. The SEC responded to the call made by the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources at the Singapore Sustainability Symposium held on 8 Jan 2014 to organise such a visioning exercise that can unite Singaporeans from all walks of life who care about the environment and galvanise action by all stakeholders, including the government.


Objectives: • To continue the outreach and communication post-Envision dialogues • To reach out to as wide an audience through the mass media and various communication channels • To get Singaporeans talking and discussing environmental challenges using thought provoking images and humour • To bring the audience to channel their actions towards building the hope for the future of Singapore’s environment Key steps: • A new master creative using simple thought-provoking questions to illustrate issues on Singapore’s environmental issues – food waste, waste management, air quality and water conservation • Using humour and relatable situations to Singaporeans to illustrate the above issues in 4 short 60-sec videos • Leveraging on multiple media platforms to spread the ENVision messages through ad banners and videos.


The four-part video series was published on SEC’s social media platform. Facebook, in particular, received viewership and feedback in abundance partially highlighting the outreach that the SEC video campaign has achieved so far. To date, SEC has received 421 new ‘Likes’ on our Facebook page and over 57,000 combined views of the videos. SEC will be conducting a series of poster and video design competitions to gather participation from the people in Singapore about the environmental issues highlighted through the ENVision campaign. The competitions will encourage participants to share their inputs about what they perceive in the hope of Singapore’s future environment and the actions that they can take to work towards it. SEC hopes to use this bottom-up approach exercise as a follow-up to understand the effectiveness of the campaign.

AgencySEC did not work with a PR / communications agency for the campaign.
AdvertiserSingapore Environment Council
Brand NameENVision
Product NameENVision
Sustainability Themes Education & Awareness, Ethical Business & CSR, Climate Change & Atmosphere, Consumption Patterns, Food, Sustainable Development, Waste & Recycling
Date of First Publication 21/10/2014
TaglineLet’s Do The Right Thing.
Length60 seconds
Soundtrack/SongNo soundtrack.
Awards -Singapore Business Review Ad-watch, 2014 for Powerful social ads
-Straits Times Digital Life Awards , 2015 (Top 5 Finalist) for Best Online Web Campaign
Account Director: Edwin seah 
Account Executive: Ngeow yin teen 
Creative Team: Jose raymond  ,  Damon yong  ,  Ngeow yin teen  ,  Equus design consultants  ,  Prakash raja  ,  Lynda hong  ,  Sheer angullia  ,  Kavickumar muruganathan 
Designer: Thinking designs 
Production House: Project  Peanut