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"A Tale of Two Barbecues " For Center for Biological Diversity
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Description / Synopsis

The ‘Tale of Two Barbecues’ infographic was created as part of the Center for Biological Diversity’s Take Extinction Off Your Plate campaign to illustrate the true cost of livestock production – from extensive water use to greenhouse gas emissions – as a major threat to endangered species, the planet and our own health. For Labor Day weekend, the Center urged people to help save wildlife by turning their end-of-summer cookouts into extinction-free barbecues. Labor Day is one of the top meat-consumption days of the year, giving it one of the biggest environmental footprints of any American holiday.


Meat production is one of the main drivers of environmental degradation and species endangerment worldwide. Yet most people don’t realize that reducing their meat consumption can be one of the most powerful ways to reduce their environmental footprint. The Take Extinction Off Your Plate campaign was launched as part of the Center’s Population and Sustainability program to raise awareness about the devastation to wildlife and the environment caused by the meat industry and to encourage people to help save wildlife by eating less or no meat.


BBQs are central to summer holidays and heavily focused on a meat based menu. We wanted to highlight meat free recipes and show the average person that meat free menu items can be exciting, flavorful and just as tasty as a hamburger, and that by reducing the amount of meat in their diet they can not only be healthier but they can help protect the environment. Our goals for this campaign were to refocus the conversation around Labor Day grilling on the environmental impact of meat production and expand the resources and recipes available on the Take Extinction Off Your Plate website.


Within the first month that Take Extinction Off Your Plate was launched, more than 14,000 people signed a pledge to reduce their meat consumption by one-third or more, which would have the collective impact after one year of saving billions of gallons of water, thousands of acres of land and the greenhouse gas equivalent of taking more than 4,000 cars off the road for a year. The hashtag created for the Labor Day campaign, #ExtinctionFreeBBQ, was tweeted 387 times, retweeted 16,700 times, and had a total reach of 1.75 million on Twitter over a couple weeks; posts related to the campaign had some of the highest engagement we’ve seen on Facebook.

Title"A Tale of Two Barbecues "
AgencyThis infographic was created in-house by the Center for Biological Diversity
CityTucson, AZ
AdvertiserCenter for Biological Diversity
Brand NameCenter for Biological Diversity
Product NameTake Extinction Off Your Plate
Sustainability Themes Agriculture & Fisheries, Biodiversity, Climate Change & Atmosphere, Consumption Patterns, Food
Date of First Publication 01/08/2014
Country of ProductionUnited States of America
TypeWeb Site
TaglineExtinction-free BBQ
Original TaglineExtinction-free BBQ