The Creative Gallery on Sustainability Communications

UNEP is presenting the first international online database of corporate and public advertising campaigns specifically dedicated to sustainability issues and classified by sustainability themes.

The Creative Gallery on Sustainability Communications is the result of a thorough selection, which started with the viewing of over 40,000 ads. The campaigns highlighted in this Gallery address sustainability issues through various themes, tones, types of media and strategies. Some reflect companies' public commitment towards social and environmental issues. Others feature awareness campaigns from public authorities. Some aim to favour the purchase of green products and services, others strive to change citizens' or consumers' attitudes. The Gallery also compiles case studies taken from existing UNEP publications like Communicating Sustainability and Talk the Walk.

By gathering these campaigns from all around the world, UNEP wishes to inspire and foster more and better communication on sustainability issues from all stakeholders involved in the promotion of sustainable development. However, the selected campaigns do not constitute an endorsement by the United Nations Environment Programme for any message, brand, company or public advertiser.

This Creative Gallery is also designed to aid and promote the area of research, education and information relating to the marketing, advertising and communication business. Therefore, we invite all advertisers - companies, governments, local authorities, consumer organisations, NGOs, etc. - to submit their campaigns in this database in order to share their experience with other communication experts and to ensure that this Gallery remains a living tool, constantly fed by external inputs.

Stakeholders may use the campaigns featured in this database only for their own professional, non-commercial or educational use. Users should not redistribute, store, sell or reproduce any of the campaigns, or make them available to any third party or compile any internal database containing the campaigns without the prior written consent of the owner of the Intellectual Property Rights for each advertisement.

The Creative Gallery on Sustainability Communications has been compiled by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), in co-operation with Adforum and Advertising Community Together (ACT), with financial support from the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME).

For background information on 12 sustainability themes (advertising, ecodesign, energies, food, housing, leisure, lifestyles, mobility, information technology, textiles, tourism and water), we invite you to consult the UNEP Resource Kit on Sustainable Consumption and Production (available in English and French).