Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production


The term Cleaner Production was defined by UNEP in 1990 as: “The continuous application of an integrated environmental strategy to processes, products and services to increase efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment”. This definition has been used as the working definition of all programmes related to the promotion of cleaner production and still continues to be a valid definition.

Nonetheless, the confluence of global economic and environmental crisis that has occurred in recent years has consolidated the understanding of the interdependence between our economic and environmental systems and provided a new impetus to international efforts to promote the transition towards more sustainable industrial systems and Green Industry. This has required the broadening of the definition of cleaner production to include resource efficiency which is a key element of the transitions towards Green Industry and Green Economy.

What is RECP ?

Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production continuously applies integrated and preventive strategies to processes, products and services. This increases efficiency and reduces risks to humans and the environment. RECP specifically works to advance

  • Production Efficiency – through optimization of productive use of natural resources (materials, energy, water) at all stages of the production cycle;

  • Environmental Management - through minimization of the adverse impacts of industrial production systems on nature and the environment;

  • Human development – through minimization of risks to people and communities, and support to their development.

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