1st Global Network Conference on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production

The 1st Global Conference on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production was held in Luzerne, Switzerland between 19 and 23 October 2009.

UNIDO and UNEP cooperate to advance sustainable industrial development and consumption and production in developing and transition countries. Specifically their joint Programme on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) aims to improve resource efficiency and environmental performance of businesses and other
organisations. One of the modalities for networking in the Programme is through global meetings of the RECP Network.The discussions during the 2009 RECP Network meeting focused on the operational aspects of the implementation of the Joint UNIDO-UNEP RECP Programme.

The 2009 RECP Network Meeting was structured and planned with the specific objectives to:

  1. Update Network Members on the revised UNIDO-UNEP RECP Programme and contribute to further alignment of the activities of the RECP Network members (in particular the existing NCPCs/NCPPs) with the global programme and vice versa;
  2. Define modalities for operation and governance of the UNIDO-UNEP RECP Network, including membership criteria, entitlements, benefits, rights and obligations;
  3. Gather and consolidate achievements, lessons learned and policy and other recommendations from the RECP Network members for preparation of specific inputs to the Sessions of the Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD) on Sustainable Consumption and Production in May 2010 and May 2011; and
  4. Identify specific opportunities for thematic, regional and otherwise multi-country substantive projects for development and implementation under the global UNIDO-UNEP RECP Programme.

114 participants attended the Conference. Click here for the List of Participants.

57 parties expressed interest in setting-up the Global RECP network.

Participants at the 1st Global Conference on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production,
Luzerne, Switzerland, 19-23 October 2009




RECP Conference
19-23 October 2009


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