The SCP branch works on issues where our will often work directly and indirectly impact large numbers of stakeholders, both in the private and the public sectors. In order to ensure that our programmes and activities are developed and implemented in a way that as far as possible is supported by these stakeholders, the SCP branch has launched a number of specific initiatives aiming at strengthening our work with these groups. Such initiatives can be sector specific as in the case of SBCI targeting the building sector, or issue specific such as the Life Cycle Initiative promoting the life cycle approach.

The initiatives in the SCP branch have in common that they are bringing together stakeholders around the table to jointly address specific issues. Participants in any individual initaitative are typically rdrawn from all types of stakeholders concerend with the subject matter, including civil society groups, private sector companies, business and industry associations, professional networks, reserach and development institutes and others. Partners in the initaitives sometimes takes a more passive advisory role but are in most cases actively contributing to specific activities and outputs. Activities undertaken by these initiatives range from basic research and development, to production of tools and methodologies, to strategic analyses and political recommendations.




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