Advisory Committee

The Marrakech Process Advisory Committee was set up wit the main objectives to provide advice on the development of the 10-Year Framework of Programmes for SCP (10YFP) and to bring more political support to the Marrakech Process; as well as to provide expert advice on the Process activities, support the communication strategy and assist in securing financial support. The Advisory Committee includes regional representatives of governments, members of the Task Forces, business, trade unions, and NGOs. See members of the Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee was launched in May 2008 in New York at the margins of the CSD 17. A second meeting was held in October 2008 in Paris.

At the margins of CSD17 and the Advisory Committee held its third meeting in New York (May 2009).

Two Side Events took place on SCP and the Marrakech Process:

  • Sustainable Consumption and Production Towards the CSD18: Key Programmes for Action, hosted by the Czech Republic. See Agenda

  • SCP towards a Green Economy: How to get there? The contribution of the 'Marrakech task forces on sustainable consumption and production' to a Global Green New Deal, hosted by the French government. See Agenda

Minutes of the First meeting, Second meeting and Third meeting.

See members of the Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee on the Marrakech Process have the following responsibilities:

  1. To assist in the development of the 10YFP, giving guidance to UNEP and UNDESA in this regard and providing feedback and inputs on draft proposals of the 10 YFP:
    -Provide guidance on the development of the 10YFP (e.g. draft, outlines).
    -Collaborate to find ways and means to support the adoption and successful launch of the 10YFP at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development during its 18th and 19th sessions (2010/11).
    -Collaborate to find ways and means to effectively engage all stakeholders globally, SCP networks and initiatives in the development and future implementation of the proposed 10YFP.

  2. Provide expert advice to UNEP and UN DESA on other activities under the Marrakech Process, namely:
    -International expert meetings (next in 2010)
    -Other partnership initiatives with Governments, Business, NGOs and other Major Groups.

  3. Support the dissemination and communication strategy of the Marrakech Process being developed by UNEP and UNDESA, by:
    -Advising on the design and maintenance of dynamic and interactive mechanisms for information exchange and dissemination among all partners globally;
    -Establishing links to the Marrakech Process website and activities on their own organizations' websites;
    -Offering their networks and channels of communication to disseminate globally information on the Marrakech Process and its activities
    -Provide the Committee with inputs from their global constituents on matters relating to the Marrakech Process;
    -Including the Marrakech Process when relevant and possible in their national and regional global agendas and events;
    -Strengthening the links between the Marrakech Process and other relevant initiatives, such as international meetings on climate change (COP13), chemicals (SAICM), biodiversity, etc.

  4. Assist the Secretariat in efforts to mobilize financial resources for the various activities being organized under the Marrakech Process, including future international expert meetings, the work of the Marrakech Task Forces, and meetings of the Advisory Committee.

Role of the Secretariat (UNDESA and UNEP):

The Secretariat's main function is to facilitate and coordinate the various activities under the Marrakech Process, identifying synergies and building cooperation at the regional and international levels.

The secretariat is responsible for:

a. Drafting the proposal for a 10YFP. This will be done:
i. Commissioning studies and research to support the development on the 10YFP.
ii. Consulting and cooperating with the Advisory Committee and SCP experts, and
iii. Holding consultations at the regional and international level, including with all key stakeholders.

b. Coordinating the international and regional meetings on the Marrakech Process (based on available funds and contributions received),

c. Following-up the work plan derived from the outcomes/recommendations of the international meetings.

d. Support the work of the Marrakech Task Forces, when requested.

e. Maintain the official websites of the Marrakech Process and the database of SCP programmes and activities.

f. Facilitate the meetings of the Advisory Committee - calling for meetings, conference calls, and preparing the minutes in close cooperation with the co-chairs.



Upcoming events

Fourth Advisory Committee Meeting, 27 February 2010 (Bali, Indonesia)