International Expert Meetings

Bi-annual international expert meetings on the Marrakech Process are organised to report regional progress, share experiences, and coordinate international cooperation. Beyond promoting awareness and identifying priorities and needs on SCP, the international expert meetings frame the steps in the elaboration of the 10YFP, define and launch new mechanisms of the Marrakech Process with the participation of various stakeholders, such governments, business and industry, NGOs, development agencies, researchers, experts on SCP, among others.

So far, three international expert meetings on the Marrakech Process have been held (see below). The next international meeting will be held in Autumn 2010.

The Marrakech process is also presented in other international meetings such as:

International Expert Meetings of the Marrakech Process

  1. The First International Expert Meeting in Marrakech, Morocco (June 2003):
    • Launching the Marrakech Process

  2. The Second International Expert Meeting on the 10YFP in Costa Rica (September 2005):
    • Shifting its emphasis from consultation to implementation of concrete SCP projects;
    • Launching new mechanisms for implementation such as the Marrakech Task Forces and the Cooperation Dialogue with Development Agencies.

  3. The Third International Expert Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden (June 2007):
    • Discussion on the key elements of hte 10YFP
    • Launching two new mechanisms such as the Business & Industry Forum (facilitated by the WBCSD and ICC) and the NGO Forum
    • Request to establish a new 'Advisory Committee' for the Marrakech Process

Other International Meetings

  • UNEP's Governing Council

A Special Event entitled "Building Resource Efficient Economies and Sustainable Societies" took place during the UNEP's Governing Council meeting in Nairobi, Kenya (18 February 2009). This event explored the relevance of the Marrakech Process and the Resource Panel to the construction of solutions to the food, energy and water crises, and to address climate change. See agenda and background document.

  • UN Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD)

At the margins of the17th meeting of the CSD (CSD17), the third Advisory Committee meeting of the Marrakech Process took place in New York in May 2009. The Advisory Committee members discussed the progress achieved by the Marrakech Process in particular regarding the elaboration of a 10 Year Framework of Programmes on SCP (10YFP). See Agenda of CSD17.

Two Side Events took place on SCP and the Marrakech Process:

  • Sustainable Consumption and Production Towards the CSD18: Key Programmes for Action, hosted by the Czech Republic. See Agenda

  • SCP towards a Green Economy: How to get there? The contribution of the 'Marrakech task forces on sustainable consumption and production' to a Global Green New Deal, hosted by the French government. See Agenda
Ms. Viveka Bohn, former Ambassador for Sustainable Development of Sweden.
Viveka Bohn chaired major meetings under the Marrakech Process in 2003 and in 2005, and has always been strongly committed, providing support, inspiring collaborators and building cooperation. It was stated that Viveka Bohn has been 'the heart and brains' of the Marrakech Process. For this and other outstanding leadership work, she received the UNEP 'Champion of the Earth 2007' award.