International Expert Meetings

First International Expert Meeting on the 10YFP
Marrakech, Morocco (June 2003)

The first international meeting on the 10YFP was held in Marrakech, hence the "Marrakech Process". During this first meeting, the Marrakech Process was launched as 'a continuous process towards the achievement of SCP patterns, which would be further elaborated through enhanced international cooperation'. It was outlined the strategic working mechanisms of the Marrakech Process such as the implementation national roundtable, task forces, among others. To read more see meeting report.

Mohammed Elmorabit, Morocco's Secretary of State of the Environment, opened the meeting by welcoming participants to Morocco and highlighting SCP as a key topic within the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation.

The main outcomes reached at the Marrakech Meeting were:

  • Agreed that follow-up activities at the international level would focus primarily on coordination of regional SCP consultation meetings in support of regional initiatives

  • Recommended informal task forces and national roundtables to be established to promote the implementation of SCP policies and strategies

  • Underlined the importance to integrate SCP into national sustainable development strategies and, where applicable, into Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRSs)

  • Recommended the establishment of mechanisms that encourage and support information and experience sharing, network building, and dissemination of best practice through interactive websites and expert meetings on specific issues.


Ongoing Process

"The Marrakech Meeting is the first step towards the development of a 10-Year Framework of Programmes on SCP, an ongoing process to be known henceforth as the 'Marrakesh Process'. The future work on the 10-Year Framework needs to improve or increase: cooperation between international organizations and countries; coherence between policies; coordinated monitoring and assessment activities; education and public awareness; and stakeholder participation."
Viveka Bohn, ambassador, Swedish Ministry of the Environment (Marrakech 2003)