National Roundtables

Mexico SCP roundtable

The 1st National Roundtable on Sustainable Production and Consumption was held in Mexico City on November 18 and 19, 2010. The event was organized jointly by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Department of the Environment and National Resources, the European Union and the EGADE Business School. The roundtable met significant interest from national stakeholders, bringing together 149 participants from the government institutions, private sector and civil society.

The objective of the roundtable was to bring together a selected audience to identify topics, opportunities and actions which can foster the development of a Mexican SCP agenda, as well as the identification of potential priorities for such agenda. The Roundtable was the first national forum to be held on Sustainable Production and Consumption, a theme of prime importance on the national agenda. The aim of the event, was not only to establish national priorities for Sustainable Production and Consumption, but also to ascertain the opinions and needs of participants in this area. It also underlined Mexico's contribution to improving the International Marrakech Process and the country´s incorporation of the subject of Sustainable Consumption for the first time.