Sustainable Consumption and Production for Development: Building Cooperation and Synergies Towards Rio +20, Supporting Poverty Reduction and Green Growth

The third dialogue session, which took place on the 10th and 11th of June 2010, in Paris, took the form of a joint OECD-DAC/ENVIRONET - UNEP workshop.

The workshop objectives were to:

  • Build cooperation and explore synergies between sustainable consumption and production (SCP) capacity building activities and policies and development cooperation programmes

  • Explore ways to facilitate and mainstream the implementation of SCP/resource efficiency activities in development cooperation activities and support for policy making at country level

  • Highlight SCP contributions to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), including through green jobs initiatives, which contribute to poverty alleviation and the construction of a resource efficient, low carbon economy

  • Explore the linkages between SCP and green economy/green growth as well as between SCP and climate change in a development context



Session 1: Ongoing International Activities on SCP, Green Economy and Integrating Environment and Development Policies

Session 2: SCP Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Countries and Contributions from Development Agencies

Session 3: SCP and Climate Change

Session 4: Sustainable Consumption Policies for Market Transformation

Session 5: Key Programmes on SCP/Resource Efficiency Supporting the Transition to a Green/Low Carbon Economy