NGO Forum

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are active actors in advocating and implementing projects and initiatives on sustainable consumption and production (SCP). The NGO sector has been participating in the Marrakech Process through the regional consultation and international meetings; some of them have taken an active role working directly with some of the Marrakech Task Forces. However more active participation from the NGOs is needed, therefore a NGO Forum was launched at the third international meeting on the Marrakech Process held in Stockholm (June 2007).

The NGO Forum at Stockholm was co-facilitated by two NGOs: 'Safety Action Group' (New Delhi, India) and One Earth Initiative (Vancouver, Canada). Both organisations made an excellent work in coordinating the preparation of the NGO position paper which was presented at the meeting, and in organising the NGO Forum.

As a result the NGOs at Stockholm made the following statement:

NGOs will continue to play an important role in the Marrakech Process, inter alia, by:

  • Engaging closely in the development of the 10YFP including through task forces and facilitating informal NGO dialogue

  • Participating in research, programme design, planning and implementation

  • Advocating with governments in their own regions and countries

  • Ensuring that stakeholders' voices are heard

NGOs also called for a comprehensive multi-stakeholder review of efforts undertaken since the Earth Summit in 1992 to implement the Agenda 21 objectives and action commitments on production and consumption agreed to by governments.

The NGOs are invited to:

  • Hold formal NGO Forums at the regional meetings and in the 4th International Expert Meeting of the Marrakech Process to be held in 2009

  • Participate as a member in the steering committee for the Marrakech Process.

NGO Forum papers:


As a follow up of the Stockholm International meeting, the NGO Forum with the active initiative and commitment from the One Earth Initiative have developed a website on the Marrakech NGO Forum and a list-serve for the Marrakech Process in order to continue the communication and exchange of ideas.
To register, the NGOs need to send an email to, informing the name of the person in charge, the name of the organization and its website, if there
is one.