Researchers Networks

The scientists, academics and researchers are important actors in providing scientific knowledge and data on the environmental and social impacts of consumption and production. They are also key partners in developing new approaches to promote SCP and resource efficiency, such as lifecycle analysis, dematerialization, indicators, research on de-coupling, etc.

Under the Marrakech Process researchers and academics have been active. UNEP together with the Wuppertal Institute have launched the UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on SCP (CSCP). The Centre has made an important contribution to the Marrakech Process, specially supporting the preparation of documents.

Opening ceremony of the UNEP/Wuppertal Institute CSCP in February 2006

The EU-funded Sustainable Consumption Research Exchange (SCORE!) analyses the state of the art in SCP research, and promote cases of (radical) sustainable consumption for mobility, agro-food and energy use. SCORE! has provided important support and inputs to the Marrakech Process and development of the 10YFP. Through its series of workshops and conferences, SCORE! has established a good platform of interaction and cooperation between scientist and researches and the Marrakech process stakeholders. The next SCORE! Conference on SCP 'Framework for Action' will be held on 10-11March 2008, in Brussels, Belgium.


  • Action Plan (document prepared for the SCORE! meeting March 2008) [PDF - 331 KB]

The International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management was launched in November 2007 and is expected to provide the scientific impetus for decoupling economic growth and resource use from environmental degradation.

Another important contribution to SCP from the scientists is the "Oslo Declaration", calling for global efforts to bridge the gaps in implementation of sustainable consumption.

Von Weizsaecker
"It is fair to say that we should reduce the consumption of carbon energy and other natural resources by roughly a factor of two. It is high time for the UN System to address the global resource challenges"
Von Weizsaecker (Budapest, November 2007)