Marrakech Task Forces

The Marrakech Task Forces are important and active mechanisms of the Marrakech Process building North-South cooperation and implementing concrete projects at national and regional levels. They are voluntary initiatives led by governments focusing on specific themes of SCP such as: sustainable products, lifestyles, education, building and construction, tourism, public procurement, and cooperation with Africa.

The MarrakechTask Forces are building North-South cooperation and implementation mechanisms, as well as developing and piloting SCP tools and share knowledge and good practice to support the shift towards SCP and contribute to the development of the 10YFP.

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In this section, you will find an overview of:

->>The Main Outcomes of the Marrakech Task Forces, and
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A Table summarizing all existing Task Forces' Tools and Methodologies for Capacity Building and Publications on SCP' is now available.

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Main outcomes

Some of the main material and projects developed by the Task Forces are:

Task Forces Meetings

Marrakech Task Forces leaders met with the Marrakech Process secretariat, on the 8-9th of September 2009 in Helsinki, Finland. The informal discussions focused on two documents: the recently published 3rd draft of the 10YFP and a roadmap towards CSD18 and 19, where SCP will be on the agenda, both as a topic of its own and as a cross-cutting issue. See brief summary of the meeting.


"Marrakech Task Forces: building cooperation with South Asia" - (3 February 2009, New Delhi. India). The meeting was attended by senior officials from the Governments of South Asian countries and Industry and Civil Society organizations from India and South Asia. The meeting strengthened the participation of South Asian countries in the Marrakech Process by identifying and sharing on going initiatives on SCP as well as promoting a dialogue between the Marrakech Task Forces and the South Asian region. It provided an excellent opportunity for India and South Asian countries to showcase their own achievements. See meeting report.

The Task Forces on Sustainable Public Procurement, Sustainable Lifestyles, Sustainable Products, and Sustainable Building and Construction met with the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests and held bilateral meetings with other relevant Ministries of the Indian Government with the main objective of promoting cooperation on SCP. See event report.


The OECD Annual Meeting of Sustainable Development Experts (AMSDE), held in Paris, France, on 8-9 October 2007, discussed how promoting sustainable consumption and production, implementing reviews of national sustainable development strategies and ensuring sustainable and coherent development policies. The participants based their discussions also on a study that the OECD made as a contribution to the UN Marrakech Process. The studied draws on work being done within various OECD Committees (including the Environment Policy Committee, Committee on Consumer Policy, and Trade Committee), and the seven Marrakech Task Forces led by OECD countries. See Good Practices in Promoting Sustainable Consumption in OECD countries.


The informal meeting Creating Solutions for Sustainable Consumption and Production - An Expert Conference on the Marrakech Process, held in 2006 in Wuppertal, Germany, looked at progress achieved until that point by the Marrakech Process through the activities developed by the Cooperation Dialogue with Development Agencies and the seven Marrakech Task Forces.
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