Marrakech Task Forces

Cooperation with Africa (led by Germany)

Africa is the first region to have developed and launched its own 10-Year Framework of Programmes (10YFP) on SCP. The Cooperation with Africa Task Force encourages and supports African countries to implement the African 10YFP (PDF - 689 KB) through:

  • Strengthening existing organisational structures and establishing new ones to promote SCP in African countries

  • Developing and supporting projects for implementing SCP methods in Africa

  • Supporting the integration and mainstreaming of environmental education in African schools and universities

  • Promoting sustainable procurement by governmental organisations through training courses and awareness raising

The Task Force has developed projects for the region focusing on:

Leapfrogging Possibilities For Sustainable Consumption and Production in Africa - An Overview -
This review report aims at clarifying the potential role of leapfrogging in promoting SCP in Africa. It also identifies existing cases of leapfrogging in Africa and other relevant economies and the most promising sectors for leapfrogging; while analyzing the key enabling conditions for leapfrogging to SCP in African countries.

Other projects developped by the Task force are the following:

  • Development of an African eco-labelling Mechanism (Brochure - PDF 510KB)

  • Development of national/city-wide SCP action plans (PDF - 25 KB)

  • A report on opportunities and challenges of promoting SCP through leapfrogging in Africa

  • A report on 'Best Practice in African countries (PDF - English, French - 2 MB)

Inter-Task Forces Collaboration

The importance of developing linkages between the Marrakech Task Force on Cooperation with Africa and the other Marrakech Task Forces was underlined by the first meetings of both the Regional Steering Committee for the African 10-YFP and the Marrakech Task Force on Cooperation with Africa. In December 2006, at the Second Meeting of the Regional Steering Committee of the African 10-YFP on SCP, the Committee requested the Secretariat to prepare a concept note on partnerships with the Marrakech Task Forces from which activities the region could benefit as one of its follow-up activities for 2007. In view of making the best out of the limited capacity that would be available within the Task Force, it has been agreed to initiate the collaboration within different phases by initially starting with three Task Forces: Sustainable Public Procurement, Sustainable Buildings and Construction, and Sustainable Tourism.


  • Concept note (PDF - 41 KB) for the Cooperation between the Marrakech Task Force on Cooperation with Africa and other Marrakech Task Forces

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