Marrakech Task Forces
Sustainable Lifestyles (led by Sweden)

Making sustainable lifestyles happen

Based on the lessons the Task Force has learnt since 2005, it has produced five top line recommendations for those looking to make sustainable lifestyles a reality.

1. Enthuse and inspire.

Convey what sustainable lifestyles are about and how great it is to live them. The changes create healthier, better connected, more stable communities and environments

2. Create support structures.

Behavior change is only effective if people are provided with the means through which they can make sustainable choices. This could be in the form of innovative products and services or infrastructure improvements.

3. Celebrate success.

All over the world amazing work is happening to help us live more sustainable lives, it deserves celebrating. Rejoicing in the successes will encourage other people to get involved.

4. Focus your efforts.

The work done by the Task Force has covered a wide range of areas. With a solid foundation of understanding, focused work is needed to create much needed lifestyle changes.

5. Form partnerships.

People are diverse and complicated, lifestyles even more so. It takes a lot of time and effort to build the required relationships and expertise to make sustainable lifestyles happen.

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Banner image: Julio Pantoja