Marrakech Task Forces
Sustainable Public Procurement (led by Switzerland)

The Task Force promotes and supports the implementation of Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) in both developed and developing countries. Some of the key activities are:

  • Develop practical guidance on the SPP approach

  • Carry out research and prepare policy papers on SPP

  • Promote SPP through training and assistance

  • Facilitate dialogue and work amongst stakeholders and countries on SPP.


Status Assessment

To access the Status Assessment click here

The goal of the TF is for 14 countries in all regions of the world to have Sustainable Public Procurement in place by 2010. One of the instruments to reach such goal is the online Status Assessment, which enables new starters and experienced practitioners to:

  • Identify what's happening nationally/organisationally on SPP

  • Understand the steps needed to improve SPP

  • Access sources of help and guidance to improve SPP

  • Compare their SPP approach with others

  • Raise awareness of the international commitment to SPP


Contact persons:

Ms. Eveline Venanzoni (
Mr. Alexander Kopp (