Marrakech Task Forces

Sustainable Products (led by United Kingdom)

The International Task Force for Sustainable Products (ITFSP) is answering the calling of governments worldwide for more international co-operation on policy to encourage more sustainable, energy efficient products.

The Task Force aims at:

  • Raising awareness of product policy as a means of achieving international development and environmental objectives

  • Seeking common priorities and opportunities for practical cooperation in encouraging more innovation on product eco-design

  • Establishing and participating in open and transparent processes for improving product performance.

Global Sustainable Products Networks

A central objective and concept for the ITFSP is to ensure effective Global Sustainable Products Networks (GSPNs) for the most important product sectors. Four GSPN have already been created:

  • Lighting

  • Home entertainment products, including televisions, simple set-top boxes and multi-function set-top boxes

  • Electronic motors

  • Market surveillance and compliance


Contact person:

Ms. Denise Oakley (