The SCP Branch works closely with governments encouraging and supporting the development and implementation of effective policies to promote sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and accelerate the shift towards more resource efficient economies and sustainable lifestyles.

The main areas of work on SCP policies are:

  • Developing national and regional SCP strategies and a Global Framework for Action on SCP, that is being done through the Marrakech Process. The Process is creating commitment from government; implementing SCP projects and building north-south cooperation and public-private partnerships.

  • Supporting the implementation of National Programmes on SCP. The SCP Branch provides guidelines, builds capacity (training sessions, workshops and information clearinghouses) and supports the implementation of national SCP programmes.

  • Promoting Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) providing guidelines, capacity building and assistance for the develop and implementation of SPP Programmes. Recently UNEP has launched the Sustainable UN Initiatives (SUN) which will assist the organisation in implementing sustainable procurement and management in the UN.

  • Gathering evidence of the contribution of SCP to poverty reduction and developing capacity for the integration of SCP objectives in development plans. To this end, the Branch is carrying out a SCP and Poverty alleviation project with a special focus on key sectors such as water, energy, waste and agriculture.

Marrakech Process on SCP

National Action Plans

SCP & Poverty Reduction


Sustainable UN